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I was specialized in silk painting and I have had many exhibitions in Finland, Czech Republic and Indonesia. Now I have given up my real brushes and use mouse, pen tool and photoshop brushes instead. Here you'll see some examples of my skills from my past.

Artist statement

I have a constant need to challenge my creativity and push my talents further. Desire to learn and to achieve more knowledge and skills pursue my passion for design, many mediums and programming. Although I have quit painting and I concentrate now on design you can contact me to see more of my previous works with charcoal, watercolors, photography, and oils - although I have predominantly been a silk painter.

My art practice is a consequence of my roots and represents a special bond with my history. Love of people and nature - both my national Finnish as well as exotic tropics - form a ground on which I stand as a human being as well as a painter. Art for me is a visual language to express and engage with the beauty of nature relating it with us people. To capture my passion of painting gives me an ultimate pleasure and forms a special layer on my paintings.

My key intention is to invite beholder to closer understanding and better appreciation of nature. I use paintbrushes as my camera and I draw my inspirations particularly from the nature.  Realistic style and special atmosphere in my paintings will mean an escape from modern society and my some what very traditional painting styles even question the solutions and values of today’s ultramodern world. In my artwork I like to use strong vibrant colors and through their brilliance to portray life and energy. The main features are light and limited amount of details.

Apart from art making and studying art mediums further I have experience in being lecturer in many part time and intensive silk painting courses and I continuously aim to capture wider audience for silk painting as a  fascinating and unique art form.